Laurence Henderson

Laurence Henderson carries the flame for classic, guitar-driven blues-rock. Born to an Orchestral Double Bassist and a Violin Teacher, Laurence was honing his musical skills from birth and would go on to discover the likes of Joe Bonamassa, Jeff Beck, Led Zeppelin, Eric Johnson and Sting.

Within two years of picking up the guitar, he was giving live performances to halls and venues in his local Southampton area, his technical ability evident from the first day. By the time he reached his mid-twenties, he wanted to be more than just a ‘local guitar hero’ – honing his songwriting through a variety of different influences.

Laurence stepped out of the shadows with his early releases such as ‘Strings’, ‘I Won’t Wait’ and ‘Where I Belong’ – bringing a new, modern, English flavour to modern Blues/Country inspired Rock. More recently Laurence has opened up for fellow Blues-Rockers Kriss Barras & Dan Patlansky and continues to produce a gripping show for audiences around the country.